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Just a quick note to everyone - the Bezos Center for Innovation has its private opening tomorrow and its public opening on Saturday.  If I haven't replied in a timely way/don't reply in a timely way in the next three or four days, please remail me.  This is MOHAI's second major opening in less than a year, and it's just a huge amount of work and anxiety.  over and out, L

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I'm so impressed with the research here. I just had a little part.

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I've got two more east of Cascades coming - you saw one, Lorraine. Also, I do have some Official Records Vol 2. stuff from Victoria that I'm working on now. Don't have articles in front of me, but basically, the US Consul there reports large group of rebels convening on Victoria and passes it up the line of command to San Francisco. Reply comes back saying to make sure the general orders re passengers on steamships are closely enforced (I've got those too.) No further mention of the incident after that.

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